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Our fetish escort agency, based in Geneva, Switzerland, provides you with an exclusive and personal approach. We are the first escort services agency that works as a feminine team. We are young, beautiful, intelligent, sensual, glamorous, self-confident, independent, and rebellious escort girls. We choose Geneva as our base, and we travel on request in Switzerland and abroad. We often visit Montreux, Lausanne, Basel, Zurich, Verbier, Zermatt, and other prestigious international cities and resorts.

We love to play, pleasure, sexuality, and sensuality. We enjoy and celebrate life, and we always have a positive attitude. We are proud of our work – because we know that sexuality is healthy and healing, despite what society says about it. In the face of all judgments on our work, we know that we make this world more beautiful and healthier. We know at which point the masculine half of the world needs us. We already have everything, and we live in luxury because the male part of the world is always very grateful and generous to us. We love our work, and we consider that our mission is to make you discover the ultimate pleasure through sexuality.

We will help you realize your secret desires. We will elaborate sensual and sophisticated scenarios of our meetings at your request. Describe what you like, your inspirations, your dreams, and let us surprise you with an excellent proposition that you won’t be able to refuse.

Just imagine: you meet two young and beautiful strangers in a bar. They give you un remote control and tell you to push the button. You don’t know what it is, but you push it. Suddenly, you realize that one of them has a toy in her very sacred space. But which one is having it? You are very intrigued. You should guess, and you’ll win a reward if you do. The girls are amused. Their eyes are sparkling. You are laughing together, and people around don’t know what’s happening. Only 3 of you share this secret. Do you like this beginning? Imagine what’s going to happen next. Where they’ll bring you? How will they surprise you? Would you dare to play this game? We can propose you multiple possibilities.

Anything is possible – just allow yourself this pleasure.

Why would you choose our services?
High end

Our approach is exclusive and personalized, reserved for high-end clients, that’s why – you should be referred by someone who has already used our services. To elaborate on the personal approach to your request – we highly recommend meeting in person with one of our models. We would prefer to know you in person, so we’ll adapt our proposition exclusively to your personality and taste. This first meeting is also an opportunity for you to see how responsible, trustworthy, and presentable we are.

We are the most glamorous and attractive escort girls in Geneva, so the selection of models in our escort agency is limited. With us, you’ll have the company of those women you see on fashion magazines' covers. A part being stunning - we are intelligent, elegant, and sophisticated. We invest time and money to take care of our appearance. We always have perfect nails, glowing skin, shiny hair, discreet and flawless make-up. We wear clothes, lingerie, shoes, and bags from the best designers. We also invest in our health and education. We regularly visit sports and yoga classes and can entertain a cultivated conversation on all levels.


We understand very clearly the importance of your privacy and confidentiality. We engage ourselves to be discreet and humble in any public or personal places related to our meetings. We commit to keeping confidential any details about your private information, identity, experience, or financial transactions. We won’t ask you any intimate questions if you don’t want to share them. Your limits will always be respected and discussed in advance. Trust - is the key word for us, and you can trust us.


Our Agency is based in Geneva, Switzerland, where being an escort girl and functioning as an escort agency is legal. We respect the law and always consider it. As we are a luxury and selective team of escorts, we choose to meet you only in 5* hotels. We love traveling and can be available in several countries that allow escort services. After your request, we can check if the country where you desire the meeting is legal for escort services and administration. All traveling expenses and accommodation will be at your charge. Please note that we travel only in business class, and we sojourn only exclusively in 5* hotels. We are sure it is not a big deal for a gentleman like you.


We love adrenaline and even more to bring you to the state where you forget about the entire world, your skin is covered with goosebumps, and all your existence is in the present moment, from moment to moment. This is the state where you lose control, a state of trance, of subspace, of letting go. It can be very emotional as it will open your heart. We can bring you there. We know how to do it. We are the Goddesses of sensuality, of the shadow. Sexuality is considered a shadow in the modern world, but we know it is the opposite – it is the light, and it is the greatest healing and bliss that un human can have. It is healing through pleasure. Isn’t it amazing? We all learned Tantra and know how to use many secret practices to bring you to this paradise. It will all start with a game, and you will love it.

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