Dark Angels
Dark Angels
Realize your most secret fantasy
International escort fetish agency

You are tired of the usual escort services. You want something new, extraordinary, kinky, spicy, daring, nasty — something you’ve never tried before but had always fantasized about.

Our fetish escort agency, DARK ANGELS, based in Geneva, Switzerland, will help you to fulfill your most secret fantasy.

Would you dare to realize what you’ve always dreamed about?

We can be your perfect partner for that.

Everything is in your hands. Approach and describe what you desire – we will take care of everything.

Dark Angels

You are a dominant man, company boss, and control addict — you give orders and coordinate people all day long. You are tired of managing, supervising, and controlling. Your brain is tired. You are bored. Everything is the same in your daily routine: work, meetings, airplanes, offices, family vacation from time to time, you don’t even have time for sport. Actually, you have time, but you don’t allow it to yourself. The most significant relief for you is to stop controlling, but you can’t; you don’t know how. Isn’t it a moment to stop for a few hours? Or for a weekend? Isn’t it finally a time to offer pleasure and relaxation to yourself?

You need to let go, but nothing makes you forget your business routine, even your normal sexuality. You’ve already been in a company of escort girls and tried VIP escort services, but it’s too predictable and ordinary. A man like you needs a deeper experience, something unforgettable, mind-blowing, brilliant. You need a special moment, to keep a memory about it all your life. You can be sure – every moment with us will be significant.

We know how to make you relax and forget your addiction to control your daily tasks. We have a lot of methods for that. One of them is to play a GAME. A secret sensual game that you’ll not even know what it is about. You’ll be surprised every moment. You need that discharge of adrenaline – be shaken with something new and unexpected, to finally lose control and let go – through sexuality.

Don’t you worry – IT’S JUST A GAME, and you can totally trust us – your limits will always be respected and discussed in advance.

You are missing time, and you want to preserve your confidentiality. We will organize everything for your sensual escape: a tantric weekend on the coast, bondage evening in a castle, latex & champagne private party, high-hills and lingerie fashion show just for you, or many other possibilities are open with us.

We will be your perfect partner and confidant, your sexual adviser. Your fantasies will never be judged. You’ll be accepted entirely as you are. We are here for you.

Celebrate life with us. Enjoy your sexuality with us. Allow yourself to leave these unique moments. Offer yourself this sensual arousal and love. YOU DESERVE IT.

Dark angels
Realise your most secret fantasy

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